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X Dataverse

X Dataverse

XDataverse Product Introduction

XDataverse is a general-purpose database management tool that mainly manages relational databases and also supports some other types of databases, such as Redis. Its main functions are

  1. Support routine operations of mainstream relational databases, such as MySQL, SQLServer, SQlite, SQLCE, PostgreSQL
  2. Support domestic databases, such as Dameng, OceanBase, etc.
  3. Support Redis
  4. Support data conversion between various databases
  5. Support for documented database structures
  6. Support SQL standard statements, syntax highlighting, regular additions, deletions, modifications and queries
  7. Support operations such as views and stored procedures
  8. Support point cloud data, spatial database and other form databases
  9. Supports data overview display, paging display, and detailed display

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Main interface

Major database support

The main supported databases are:

  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • SQLite
  • Ocean Base
  • Dameng
  • Excel/Access/CSV
  • PostgreSQL
  • Effiproz
  • Redis (part of basic functions)

Data exchange

  1. First select the source data type and connect
  2. Select the table you want to process
  3. Select the target database type and connect
  4. Click Data Exchange to import the database structure and data into the target database

Documentation database

  1. First select the source data type and connect
  2. Select the table you want to process
  3. Select the documented database, you can output the documented structure content of the database, which is convenient for management

Metaverse Tools

1 Support point cloud data display

Main Data Manipulation Functions

Main view SQL operation capability

  1. On the left is the connection of various relational databases
  2. In the middle is the direct management area of ​​common SQL commands, which supports multiple tab contents and executes SQL at multiple levels
  3. The right side is the result of the SQL execution command
  4. Above is the traditional Ribbon menu, which has the same function items as the right-click menu
  5. Below is the main data display area

Main right-click menu functions

The right-click menu mainly provides the most commonly used SQL functions

  1. CRUD
  2. edit table
  3. Modify the main content such as columns and indexes

Multi-dimensional data display function

  1. Data display that supports pagination
  2. Support the editing of specific data to act immediately

Operating environment

  1. Windows7 64bit and above
  2. .net framework 4.8 and above
  3. CPU Intel i5 and above
  4. Hard disk 500MB and above
  5. Memory 512GB and above


Copyright Information

XDataverse is fully copyrighted and interpreted by Ramendeus Studio

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