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QL (Cloud rendering Application)

QL system is a cloud rendering product independently developed by Ramdues Studio. Mainly supports the cloud rendering capabilities of advanced 3D programs. This enables the original Native 3D program to run in mainstream browsers without any modification.

Effect image: (Running Unreal Engine’s project on web browser)

1      Main Features


  1. Windows,Mac,Linux (Debian), Android, iPhone (Cross-platform supported)
  2. web browser only, no pluing installed
  3. Multiple web browser supported (such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  4. One click deployment (C/S ,B/S, Docker System)
  5. Private /Public cloud system supported
  6. Secure protocol and data layer supported
  7. Fast to migrate heavy native 3D application to Web
  8. Hardware acceleration , H264/265/266 Encoder/Decoder supported.
  9. Cusomtized data channel transfer binary format data
  10. 1 to 1, 1 to muliple, multiple to multiple solution supported
  11. REST API interface supported
  12. VDI solution supported
  13. Multiple screens supported

1.2  Product types suitable for QL system

1.2.1    Cloud rendering products

Use the QL system to directly display native Native programs on the Web.

Similar to cloud gaming platforms like Google Stadia. Since games have higher requirements for delayed feedback, the delay of public network transmission must be very low in this regard. The server, bandwidth, and compression capabilities are all designed to the extreme.

1.2.2    Remoting meeting

The QL system can be transformed into a remote audio and video system. Software like Tencent Video, Google Meet and hangouts, Facebook messenger, discord and other software can be developed on the core of the Qinglong system. Its core components are consistent positioning and architecture.

1.2.3    Remote control and share products

Since the QL system has built-in video codecs and desktop capturers, it can be considered that it natively supports the development of remote desktop control and monitoring software, and can be extended to access camera monitoring behaviors and coded data analysis.

2      QL Architecture

3      Showcases

Cloud rendering effect capabilities for 3D games

The game scene developed using Unity3D is displayed on the Qinglong system, and the web page is displayed.

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